How to win at Craps main answers

There are many questions about games of chance, and most of them have many variants of an answer; “how to win at Craps?” is one of them. Although each realistically thinking guy understands that it is impossible to find any method explaining how to win at Craps every time, some tips and recommendations of professionals increase the player’s winning chances.

win at craps

How to win at Craps: rules in brief

If newbies are going to understand how to win at Craps table, they should learn by heart the table layout and bets’ places. The various smaller and larger fields on the table indicate numbers and ranges of numbers on which you can place side bets that allow both payouts and losses during the point round. In the beginning, it should be remembered 2 bets fields: Pass and Don’t Pass.

The Pass bet

If a player gets 7 or 11, they will win if they bet on Pass and lose if they bet on Don’t Pass. If the result is 2, 3 or 12, it is the other way round. The pointed round occurs when 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 fall.

Let’s say a PC, Tablet or Android phone player who is eager to understand how to win at Craps bets on Pass and the point is 8. Now their goal is not to get 7 if possible before getting 8 again because then, current bets would be lost. The player shoots the dice until either the point has fallen to win, at with 7, the bet is lost.

The Don’t Pass bet

This is a mirror-inverted situation. Now players lose at 7 or 11 and win at 2 or 3. At 12 they get their bet back. By the way: no matter players bet on Pass or Don’t Pass, 7 always ends the point round and a new come-out round begins.

Craps strategy tips

Of course, an online player has no control over the numbers they roll, and as with any game of chance, the house has a greater advantage in the end. However, the side bets that they can place between the shoots offer good chances of winning and can reduce the house edge by up to one percent. Mastering any how to win at Craps strategy variant, one can start winning more often. Tips for a good result at Craps Casino online, which we would like to share with you, essentially consist of betting recommendations:

craps table with dice and chips
craps table with dice and chips
  • Don’t miss side bets during the Points round (it’s easy to forget).
  • Look at the odds bets at the table and choose the ones with the highest odds.
  • Place Come / Don’t Come bets so that they correspond to odds bets.
  • Place number bets on the 6 and the 8 (as the most frequent results after the 7) are sensible.
  • Don’t even try to beat the system, as it knows how to win at Craps and it does not matter if an iPad or a computer is used.

When it comes to money, the best variant, especially, for a beginner, is to leave the table when they are in plus and train furthermore: it will help to find out how to win big at Craps finally.

The free online dice are also a great practice before a serious game with real money on paid servers. The same rules can be used for the regular game of dice and thereby diversify your holiday with friends in any company, because all you need for the game – a good mood, a pair of gaming dice in your pocket and a desire to have fun.

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