Brought to the market by the Playstudios developer, POP Slots is a social casino for mobile platforms with an outstanding community format. Like many similar apps, it’s free to play with optional in-game purchases. Its greatest distinction is: despite the play-money design, the game allows you to obtain a variety of non-monetary rewards in real life! Read below to learn more about this pokie POP Casino – what comps you can score and how POP Slots free coins can pave your way to the reward.

Why Everyone’s Looking To Obtain POP Slots Coins For Free

In and of themselves, the POP Slots free coins only allow you to get more amusement out of the game: keep on wagering on your favorite free slots and unlock new exciting machines. However, the unique feature of POP Slots is the possibility of gaining non-cash rewards in real life. To this end, you need to collect the so-called Loyalty Points.

The most generous source of these points is the balloons that randomly show up on the screen while you’re spinning the reels. Giving you more playtime, free coins grant you a chance to obtain more Loyalty Points, which you can exchange for more appealing rewards. The real-life comps are offered in several categories:

  • Retail;
  • Shows and entertainment;
  • Restaurants, bars, cafes;
  • Nightclubs and other nightlife venues;
  • Hospitality services;
  • Attractions of local and international scale;
  • Traveling.

What you can obtain with the help of Loyalty Points ranges from a small discount to a full package of services – up to a cruise around the world.

Collect POP Slots Free Coins For One Of The Best Free Pokies Apps

In the coin store of POP Slots, you can purchase the in-game currency in several packages: from $2 for 2.5 million to $100 for 375 million. But why dish out your hard-earned cash, when the app gives you multiple ways to stock up on coins for free!

  1. Open the app every day to claim a small replenishment.
  2. Collect a time bonus once every couple of hours.
  3. Keep an eye out for balloons while playing slots. If you see one, don’t hesitate to pop it for some coins or even Loyalty Points.
  4. Participate in communal events, such as tournaments. In addition to rewarding the winner with a major sum of POP casino free chips, various contests often have small guaranteed presents of POP Slots free coins for every participant.
  5. Check your emails every day – you will be receiving daily links for redeeming coins.

Other in-app ways to obtain a portion of coins are achieving new levels in your profile and inviting your Facebook pals to join the game.

Shared Links As The Most Lucrative Source Of POP Slots Free Coins

If you want more POP Slots action or can’t wait to collect enough Loyalty Points for a coveted reward, the standard ways to obtain coins will be insufficient. Luckily, there is another option.

On the web, you can find plenty of websites aggregating dozens of shared links for POP coins. Each link allows you to redeem 1-10 million coins, which makes it easy to accumulate a hefty bankroll.

Tap the links one by one in your mobile browser, hit “Play” in the next window, and after your POP Slots app is launched, collect the free coins. The links expire within a couple of days, so check for new ones regularly.

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